August 21st, 2017

Meeting was called to order at 12:28 (2 minutes early) by Pat Folkins, Rotary 1987 Past President and Eureka Chamber of Commerce 1985 Past President.

Pledge of Allegiance was led by Bruce Rupp, 2004 Past President. Pat reviewed his military history for us. Bruce served in the army from 1965 to 1970, Special Forces from 1965 and received a Bronze Star. Thank you.

Invocation was given by Greg Williston who just returned from an Alaska cruise with my daughter AnnaLisa and others.

Our new exchange student, Jakob, from Denmark has arrived and was introduced.

Visiting Rotarian was John Ayers from the Southwest Eureka Club. John spoke of Rotary’s Friendship Exchange Program where Rotarians can stay with Rotarians in other countries similar to our youth exchange program. John and his wife have been exchange Rotarians to India and New Zealand and highly recommend it to all. This October 16, 17 and 18 Rotarians from New Zealand are coming here. He has host families for all except 1. If you are interested please give him a call at 269-7160.

No birthdays, anniversaries or new membership anniversaries.

The following gave new $35 donations to Polio- Dennis Hunter, Don Smullin, Bruce Rupp, Glenn Goldan, Ken Stodder, Linda Wise, Matthew Owen, Ziggy Ziegenfuss, and Greg Williston, and Keith Crossley.

Keith Crossley awarded Glenn Goldan his Plus 2 Paul Harris Fellow pin marking his 3rd donation.

We had a craft talk. Pat Folkins asked Bruce Rupp to cover his history after military. His civilian career began in Alameda where he eventually became its city manager until 1988 when he resigned and was promptly fired. The next year he moved to Eureka as Humboldt County’s Administrator. After County service he became a realtor, struggling for a year and then succeeding under the tutelage of Don Murrish. He finished his career as Executive Director of the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District. He has 3 kids and 9 grandchildren.

Then Pat returned to the podium and abused his position by fining everyone a dollar that didn’t have a haircut like himself or Chuck Ellsworth, John Fullerton, John Ayers, and Greg Williston.

Ken Stodder was allowed to report on the Red Socks and Tom Schallert countered with the Dodgers – his recently deceased Mother’s favorite team.


Silver Dollar to Jack Macdonald, Jitter Bean Certificate to Sarah Shaffer, Black Lightning Café to Jim Davis and Gold Nugget went back to the pot.

Our speaker was Julie Smith principal at Lost Coast High School and her guest was Sarah Shaffer teacher from LCHS. LCHS is a charter school located at the old Worthington School. It is a part of the Mattole Valley Charter School Learning Center but is paid for under the Eureka City Schools System. They are a STEAM and AVID oriented curriculum. (science, technology, engineering, arts and math. All students prepared for college).

They have 65 enrolled students and a 99.9% graduation rate!
Don Smullin, Reporter