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The Rotary Club of Eureka is part of Rotary International District 5130. District 5130 runs from Napa and Sonoma in the South up to the Oregon border!

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**Meetings are on Monday at the Elk’s Lodge in Eureka**

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December 10 2018

Welcome to December.  It’s disease prevention treatment month.  Now that you’ve lost your appetite let’s discuss the menu. Your choice of tri tip or chicken cordon bleu roasted potatoes and blackberry cobbler for dessert.  Chuck Ellsworth gave us a Quaker moment.  Brad Mettam presided, resplendent in his Rotary Vest. Keith

November 27, 2018

Today’s menu was fried cod or ham steaks with vegetable medley. Brad Mettam was out ofTown so Carly Robbins was leading the meeting.  Will Kay led us in the flag salute.  Jay Reed gave the invocation.   Carly announced that December was Foundation Month.  Special Announcement:  December 17 The Rotary Meeting

November 19, 2018

Burl 11-19-2018Lunch consisted of fried turkey, squash blossoms and burritos.  Mike Cunningham gave the invocation. Carly Robbins, president elect, announced that Mark Murghia would succeed her as President.  Good for you, Mark.  Rotarian of the week was Jay Bahner.   Don Leonard donated $40 for Backpacks for kids. Eveeryone put $20 on the

October 29 2018

The menu was Mexican food including rice beans tortillas chicken enchiladas, and cupcakes. Arny gave the invocation with his cute little daughter on his hip. Nick from the library said the Harry Potter celebration went well. 1000 people came, some in costume.  He’s going to make it an annual thing.

October 22, 2018

Dennis Hunter led us in the flag salute.  Pat Folkins gave the invocation. Lunch included fried cod, mashed potatoes, broccolini and chocolate cake.   President Brad Mettam mentioned that polio was now confined to three countries: Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Nigeria.  Don Leonard reminded everyone that Sign Smith Applications were due on

October 15 2018

Menu: Ribs or fried fish, Potatoes with ham, dessert.  Greg Williston gave the invocation, noting that last Monday was Columbus Day, and also Indigenous People’s day, celebrating the few survivors of the “discovery” of the “New world” Most were enslaved, died of various diseases carried by their discoverers or were

Burl 10-1-2018 Menu: Chicken somewhere in a white sauce. mashed potatoes and gravy.  Bruce Rupp gave the invocation.  He asked us to remember John Winzler who is in the hospital recovering from surgery.   Nancy Kay of the league of women voters introduced our program which was a debate between 7 of

September 17 2018

The full lunch has gone up to $15.  This week it was beef hash or swiss chicken with spice cake for dessert.  President for now Brad Mettam called on Pat Folkins to lead the flag salute.  Lynn our newest Blue Badger gave the invocation.  J Warren Hockaday texted that he

September 10, 2018

Lunch menu was pork bolus or deep-fried cod accompanied by Mashed potatoes and salad bar. Carly Robbins gave the invocation. It was noted that J. Warren Hockaday was still undergoing treatment for his illness.  Keith Crossley is recovering from a stroke and is resting at home. Klark Swan reminded us

The Four-Way Test

The Four-Way Test is a test used by Rotarians world-wide as a moral code for personal and business relationships. The test can be applied to almost any aspect of life. The test was scripted by Herbert J. Taylor an American from Chicago as he set out to save a distribution company from bankruptcy. It was later adopted by Rotary International.

Is it the TRUTH?

There is a timelessness in truth that is unchangeable. Truth cannot exist without justice.

Is it FAIR to all concerned?

The substitution of fairness for the harsh principles of doing business at arm’s length has improved rather than hurt business relationships.


Man is by nature a cooperative creature and it is his natural instinct to express love.

Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

This question eliminates the dog-eat-dog mentality and substitutes the idea of constructive and creative competition.