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President Annalise von Borstel opened the meeting and Carly Robbins led the flag salute. Kate Witthaus provided the thought of the day. Kate talked about the many health benefits of practicing gratitude.

Visiting Rotarian Jessica McKnight with Arcata Sunrise introduced herself. Guests of Rotarians included Candace and Kirsten with Coastal Business Systems.  Diane Mettam, wife of member Brad Mettam, Out student guest Hilla was at the meeting and had a giant basket of Finnish cookies that she had baked for $100 for Scott Adair who gladly paid up.  She had also baked an extra ½ a basket and for $50 it was sold!  That generous person, whose name I didn’t catch, then passed those cookies around the room to share with her fellow Rotarians. Hilla is earning money to pay for a plane ticket to New York and will gladly bake you a custom Finnish dessert.  Just ask!

Dr. Kim Bauriedel introduced Brad and Diane Mettam to the club as our newest Paul Harris Fellows +3.  They have donated an additional $3,000 to their Paul Harris Fellows and received a pin with 3 sapphires.  They received a warm standing ovation!

Visitor Jessica McKnight invited us all to the CalPoly Jacks Basketball game on January 26 from 6-8pm.  All Rotary clubs are invited.  You have to buy tickets at the door and it’s a no-host bar.  There’s a room that overlooks the gymnasium where the party will be happening.  Wear a Rotary shirt or pin and get a seating upgrade – could be a back on your seat or a better location.


COMING UP                                     

Club Photo: March 20, 2023 at noon.  We will meet at the at the Morris Graves Museum to have our photo taken outside of the Eureka Inn.

Centennial Committee Meeting – January 25, 5:30 – 6:30pm at Old Town Coffee and Chocolates

Public Image Committee Meeting today following the meeting

Backpacks for Kids every Thursday from 3:30 – 4:30 at Old Growth Cellars – 1945 Hilfiker Ln, Eureka

If you catch a Rotarian being awesome snap their photo and email it Annalise.  

Congrats to our newly elected Board of Directors members … Jennifer Budwig, Carly Robbins, Colby Smart and Greg Williston.  Their term will begin 7/1/23

Raffle Winners:  Jennifer Budwig, Danny White, Christine Tyson and Mindy Sehon.  Jessica McKnight drew for the gold coin but was not a winner. Only a few cards left for the next draw!

Christine Tyson and Carlton Nielsen both won $100 grand for answering questions asked by our esteemed President.



Nancy Olson is the Executive Director at the Eureka Chamber of Commerce.  She gave us an overview of what the chamber does do and doesn’t do (no tourism).  The annual dinner is now Cocktails & Crooners.  Happening on 1/27/23 at Sequoia Conference Center 5:30pm. Tickets are going fast so get yours now.

They are building a 5 year strategic plan programs coming up includes Conversations with Leaders.  The first conversation is on the Offshore Wind project and is happening virtually on 1/31 @ noon. Look for a link coming to your email.  Have an idea for a conversation? Let her know.

Launching Redwood Coast Chamber Foundation a new 501c3.  This new 501c3 will allow the chamber to expand their funding options and program offerings.  All community-facing programs will reside under this umbrella.

Next Level Professional Development suggested by our own Jim Sessa will be coming soon.  Much more being planned.  Come get involved in the Chamber!








President Annalise von Borstel presided over the first meeting of 2023.  The flag salute was led by Jera Newland and the inspirational thought of the day was given by Alissa Woods who talked about Service Above Self and what that means.

Guests of Rotarians included Jessica from the Speakeasy, Ian our outbound exchange student in 2023,

Gregory Fillmore with Eureka Natural Foods and Christian Hill a former Rotary Club of Eureka member who will be introducing today’s speaker.  Brad Mettam officially retired at the end of December 2022!  His wife Diane joined him at today’s meeting.

Hilla Honkamakila, our exchange student from Finland said she has 20 calendars left to sell.  She is excited to be able to go to Hawaii and maybe New York with the funds she has raised.  She was so appreciative to everybody for supporting her.  Talk to Hilla if you want a $20 calendar.

Eureka City Manager, Miles Slattery provided a monthly “minute” and told us 7 buildings and 40 residential homes in Eureka were affected by the earthquake.  The Lloyd Building in downtown Eureka will have to be destroyed because of the extreme damage. The City has also sent staff to Rio Dell to help with the evaluation of building structures there.

Lynn Dugaw read us a charming letter from Naomi our Outbound exchange student who related the joys of Christmas time in Denmark.  Make sure to check out her blog.  The link is sent each week by Nancy Dean with the announcement of the upcoming meeting.


  • Rick Littlefield and his wife Betty recently attended a Rotary Eco Tour in Mexico. They planted trees, picked up trash and learned a lot about the area.  Plans are being made to have the Mexico group here in March for an Eco-Tour in Humboldt County.  They need hosts to host a couple for 3 or 4 days.  They also need people to join the committee to put together the details of the Eco Tour.
  • Tom Schallert talked about the Flail Mower that our club helped sponsor. It has arrived and is in use!
  • Rio Dell still needs a lot of donations. A list will be emailed soon if you can bring supplies to the next meeting please do.
  • Mark this date on your calendar! Monday March 20 @noon we will meet at the Morris Graves Museum to have our photo taken outside of the Eureka Inn. Please plan to attend.
  • January 25, 5:30 – 6:30pm will be the next centennial committee meeting.
  • January 23, following the noon meeting there will be a meeting of the public image committee.
  • Backpacks for Kids happens every Thursday from 3:30 – 4:30 at Old Growth Cellars – 1945 Hilfiker Ln, Eureka. Come help pack bags of food for kids.
  • Online elections for the board of directors have closed. You can still submit a paper ballot by voting today at the meeting.  There are ballots on the table.


  • Tom Schallert was recognized for recently celebrating his 47th anniversary with his wife Tess. He related to us that at their wedding the food was all gone by the time the pictures had been taken so they ended up ordering hamburgers, fries and champagne that evening for dinner.  Every year for 47 years they have celebrated with the same menu.
  • Phillip Nicklas and his wife Alana have a new baby! Paul Nicklas, named after his dad.
  • Neal Carnam’s oldest son was recently married in Columbia. Neal talked about the amazing time they had visiting the country.
  • Jim Sessa talked about an upcoming board of directors vote at Coast Central Credit Union that has been in the news and offered to answer any questions after the meeting.
  • A reminder that there will be no meeting next week as it is a holiday, Martin Luther King day.

Raffle Winners – Alissa Woods, Christine Tyson, Neal Carnam, Ian. Gold coin drawing was worth $468.  Unfortunately Alicia Cox did not draw the winner.

GUEST SPEAKER – Darian Harris, Chief Executive at St. Joseph Hospital and Redwood Memorial at Providence

Christian Hill introduced Darian Harris to the Club. Darian has been in Eureka for 5 months and prior to moving here was the CEO at Providence Healdsburg/Petaluma. His wife is a nurse practitioner with Hospice and they have 2 children.

Darian said since he’s arrived in Eureka Darian said he’s done a lot of listening and has heard common needs from the community that includes needs for timely care, more staffing and help with the drug issues, and more.  Providence St. Joseph are partnering with our local colleges and university to provide training to accommodate an increase in staffing.  In fact, they just graduated the first class in Eureka from the Providence St. Joseph Hospital Eureka Family Medicine Program which is dedicated to preparing well trained family physicians.

They are also doing a lot of recruiting to bring more doctors and specialists to the area. They are also focused on retention of the current practitioners that live in Humboldt.





Alissa Woods presided over the meeting for President Annalise von Borstel who is out of town. Klark Swan’s kids and their friends led us in a rousing version of the flag salute, enjoyed by all.  Jeremy Campbell provided the thought of the day reminding us that it’s easy to get busy and forget about taking care of ourselves during the holidays.  Remember not to forget self-care.

Guests of Rotarians: Klark Swan had 5 guests- her son and daughter Lincoln and Charlie and their friends Addie and Natalie.  Jessica from the Speakeasy was also visiting.  Pat Folkins introduced Heather Lopez with Humboldt Marketing and his wife Sheila.  Rick Littlefield introduced guest Gregory Fillmore.

A reminder we will be dark for the next 2 weeks because of the holidays.

Following the raffle we were entertained by Eureka High School’s Limited Edition.  Led by Eureka High School’s Music Director, Charles Young they sang a number of Christmas songs closing with Carol of the Bells which seems to be a favorite of most of the Rotarians in attendance.




President Annalise von Borstel presided over the meeting.  Chuck Ellsworth led the flag salute and the thought of the day was provided by Frank who invited us to take a moment each day to be thankful.

Guests included Corcoran Realty, Justin manager of the Speak-Easy, Devon from Edward Jones and Gregory Fillmore from Eureka Natural Foods.


  • Hilla announced that she has raised over $3,000 for her trip to Hawaii thanks to all of the sales from her calendar. She still has 70 calendars left but she had a line of Rotarians buying them up at the end of the meeting.  😊
  • There will be a Holiday Social on 12/12 from 5:30 – 8:30 at Phatsy Kline. Please RSVP to Klark Swan. Dinner is provided but it’s a no-host bar.
  • Christine Tyson let us know that Benchmark Realty is helping to gather coats for kids. Your donations can be dropped off at the Boys and Girls Club of the Redwoods, or the Girl Scout office.
  • Toys for Tots needs your help to collect toys and donations at Target and Costco. Sign up for a three hour shift!  There’s a link on the email Nancy Dean sends out each week.
  • Backpacks for Kids – we pack backpacks each Thursday. Please come join us.  See more info on the weekly email.
  • Centennial Committee – Meeting 12/13 at Humboldt Bay Provisions
  • Public Image Committee – Meeting on 12/23 after our regular meeting
  • Board of Directors – Round 1 voting is closing. Announcements will be made soon about Round 2.
  • Carson Park construction of the new bathrooms and other upgrades is underway. Klark showed us some photographs and let us know a banner is being put together to announce the three eureka Rotary Clubs participation in the project.  College of the Redwoods students are doing the physical work on the building.


Ted Loring was recognized the alumni interviews he has conducted for Stanford.

Chuck Ellsworth was recognized for work he recently traveled over 6,850 miles over 6 weeks to work on the Lincoln Hearse.  This vehicle is available for the funerals of Presidents and other dignitaries.


The newest Rotarian in the world, Marlee Chavez joined Rotary Club of Eureka today!  Her sponsor, Klark Swan, introduced Marlee and Past President Nancy Dean provided the President’s talk.


Larry Oetker, Executive Director of the Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District was our speaker today.  He joined the Harbor District in December of 2017 and was formerly the City of Arcata Community Development Director. He has been a Humboldt County resident for more than twenty years. Larry said the Harbor District is working on the revitalization of old properties and infrastructure that will result in making Humboldt a regional and national economy of significance.

Humboldt Bay is the second largest enclosed bay in California.  They are currently working on developing wind energy on the bay and there is a lease auction happening tomorrow that he encouraged us to pay attention to.  The offshore wind development is estimated to bring 14,000 jobs to California.  4,257 of those jobs in Humboldt.  Stage 1 of this development is expected to provide 830 jobs.

They have received revenue for new projects from a percentage of property taxes on new commercial projects. So far those dollars have totaled 53 million.  22 million was used to reconstruct the jetty, an important project that is nearing completion.

There are aquaculture opportunities they are working on with oysters, Nordic Aquafarms, the growing of eel grass and more.  For example, one business model takes water from Humboldt Bay, dries it and utilizes the salt to sell as gourmet salt.

Broadband Cables, two of which have been installed across the bay, are improving our connection/infrastructure.

After questions and answers the meeting was closed by President von Borstel.






Our speaker today was Hilla Honkamakila, our exchange student from Finland.

Hilla said that Finland shares borders with Sweden, Russia and Norway.  She lives on the northern part of Finland by the Baltic Sea.  The temperature varies from 72 to 13 degrees Fahrenheit. They have a lot of northern lights which they call Fire Fox’s Tails. The majority of Finland is forested and they have a lot of wild animals that live there. Hilla presented President Annalise von Borstel with a flag from the Rotary Club of Finland.  She also introduced her calendars which she created the artwork for.  She is selling them to pay for her trip to Hawaii.




Today’s meeting was held off site at the Nordic Aquafarms facility which is currently under construction.  President Annalise von Borstel led the meeting.  Exchange student Hilla showed off her new calendars which are available for sale for $20.  She is earning money for her Hawaii trip.

After lunch and a brief presentation by Nordic Aquafarms we took a tour of the current facility which will be undergoing an extensive overhaul.  More information is available on their facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/Nordichumboldt/


Jaison Chand presided over the meeting for President Annalise von Borstel who is out of town.

Matthew Owen led the flag salute.

Jaison provided the Thought of the Day.  He talked about being a self-made person who is that way thanks to the “village” of people who have helped him along the way.  A very inspiring message!

No Rotarians visiting today.  Guests of Rotarian: Stephanie from Recology.


  • Matthew Owen said we have surpassed our goal of $2,000 worth of turkeys thanks to the matching dollars from Charlie Bussman and donations from many Rotarians. There are still more organizations like Food for People that could use more turkeys.  So keep the donations coming!
  • Volunteers are needed to help with Toys for Tots donations.
  • Reminder Backpacks for Kids is happening every Thursday at 4:30 at Old Growth Cellars. Please come help pack bags for kids.
  • Monday we will have an off-site meeting at Nordic Aqua Farms


Chuck Ellsworth is in Texas and sent some photos for us to view


Winners this week: Greg Williston, Debbie Storre, Ken Stodder, Debbie Storre (wins again!), Gold coin drawing value $445 – Nancy Dean who passed the honor on to Hilla but unfortunately not a winner today.

SPEAKER: Dr. Candy Stockton Public Health Officer for the County of Humboldt was our speaker.  Dr. Stockton talked about what a health officer does. They report on communicable diseases in their community and provide treatment training/education.  They are connected to resources who are here to help with diseases like Tuberculosis, Syphilis, etc. when they are on the rise.

Other areas where they get involved in providing reports/solutions/education could be lead poisoning, dental health for youth, animal bites/rabies testing, water quality issues.

Their division currently has 6 storehouses in Humboldt that store resources to help with bio-terrorism attacks and more.





Well I don’t have any minutes but I do have a few photos of spooky looking Rotarians dressed for Halloween. 🙂

Our speaker was Miles Slattery, City Manager for the City of Eureka.


Alissa Woods presided over today’s meeting.

Thought of the Day: Tom Schallert provided a very thoughtful inspirational moment about how to live life well, simply, and generously.  He also shared the very important news that today is National Bologna Day!

Toys for Tots: Nancy Dean requested more volunteers to collect toys beginning November 5th.  You can sign up to volunteer here:https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0c4ba9ac2ea0fac70-toys  Tom Schallert reminded us all to make a donation to Toys for Tots.

Raffle: Mike Martin donated an extra raffle item this week – a family pass to the Humboldt Gem and Mineral Show, which will be held November 4-6 at Redwood Acres. Go check it out!

Speaker: Tom Throsell spoke to us about Adult & Teen Challenge, an organization dedicated to helping individuals suffering from addiction.  Formerly known as Redwood Teen Challenge, this organization actually helps adults locally.  They are a global organization, with a local chapter founded in 2005.

Adult & Teen Challenge operates a Mens’ and Womens’ facility in Eureka, which provide 1-year faith-based residential drug and alcohol recovery programs.  They also operate safe and sober houses for their graduates.

Tom thanked our club, which provided grant funds that allowed Adult & Teen Challenge to purchase a pickup truck in 2006.  That truck is still in use today, and program participants use it to provide landscaping, firewood delivery, and other services in our community.



Past President Klark Swan presided over the meeting.

  • The service for President Jerry Reece will be on November 5 at the Wharfinger
  • A reminder that the Blood Bank is doing a special promotion in October. Donate blood and they will plant a tree in Uganda in your name.
  • Backpacks for Kids is happening every Thursday from 3:30 – 4:30 at Old Growth Cellars. It’s a fun time. Come help pack bags with food for kids.


  • Klark said the Foundation Dinner was last Saturday and was a lot of fun.
  • Kate Witthaus let us know that the City of Eureka is inviting the public to participate in helping them decide how to spend money. They have up to $15,000 to spend.  Kate suggested Googling for more information about how you can participate.
  • Youth Exchange- Lynn Dugaw read us a very entertaining letter from our current outbound student, Naomi who is in Denmark. She commented a few times on how cold it is there.
  • Toys for Tots collection starts November 5th at Costco and Target. Sign up now for a 3 hour shift to help collect toy donations. Talk to Nancy Dean for more information.
  • Rotaract needs a place to meet. They meet on Mondays bi-weekly from 5:30 – 6:30. Eureka Natural Foods offered their Café area or a conference Room.  Ming Tree offered a conference room.
  • Heads up – the annual Bootlegger Ball will be coming up in April at the Sequoia Conference Center. More info to come.  Funds raised go to help the many things we do at the Rotary Club of Eureka.
  • There will be a Centennial Committee meeting directly following today’s meeting.

RECOGNITIONS:  Jera and Annalise were recognized for attending the Sara Bareilles concert.

PROGRAM:  Our own Jaison Chand was the program today representing Ferndale Repertory Theatre.  Jaison and his co-actors treated us to a ½ hour contest where we had to guess the name of the song they were singing (all songs were from plays they had performed in the past).  The top winner was Hank Ingham who received a gift certificate for $50!

Following the performance the new Artistic Producing Director, Cleo DeOrio, talked about the theatre and let us know that performances coming up include The Rocky Horror Show happening October 27 -29, Seussical the Musical (a Dr. Seuss play geared to kids) is starts November 25 and runs through December 18th.  The Elephant Man will be performed starting January 26 and running through March 19.  To buy tickets or for more information check their website: ferndalerep.org.

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