October 4, 2021

The meeting was opened at noon on Zoom by President Klark Swan. Thought of the day was provided by Phil Nicklas. Phil reminded us to be grateful for all the good in our lives. Dave Dillon is in Timber Ridge, Renaissance Unit, McKinleyville and feeling lonely.  He would love some guests. Please bring proof of vaccination and a mask. Mike Martin led the pledge of allegiance.


  • District Conference is now virtual -you have been sent emails with the details. Friday, October 8th Ethics in Business Awards.  Saturday, October 23rd  Watch your emails for details or let Klark if you need more info.  Foundation celebration will be online on November 7th .
  • Carson Park Improvements – survey being taken about needs. Klark will be emailing the survey out. Here is a link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/S7HH7YQ
  • Food for People fundraiser – Veggies Monster signs being provided to various homes who have to make a donation in order to get rid of them. Email Carly or Klark if you’d like to be veggified.
  • Social – Monday October 11th at the Humboldt Social Club @ 5pm. Bring your family.  There are games, a bar to purchase drinks, and a place to purchase food.
  • Annalise von Borstel monthly real estate market update – Seller Market. Prices increased 21% YTD from last year.  More homes on the market than ever before but more buyers than ever before. Slower now which is seasonal but also unprecedented times.  Anticipates prices leveling off but not dropping.


  • Lyla Smelser is a past youth Exchange student.  She spent a year in Sweden.  She gave a short presentation and talked about what a great experience it was. Ted Loring said that they are restarting Youth Exchange again. Let Ted know if you want to be involved.
  • Dr. Kim Bauriedel let us know that October 10, 1923 is a special anniversary date. That is the date an organizational meeting was held at the Eureka Inn to start forming Rotary Club of Eureka.  2021 will be our 98-year anniversary.


  • Klark is now working with the North Coast Health Improvement and Information Network as a Project Manager.
  • Jim Sessa was recognized because Coast Central Credit Union is one of the nominees in the non-profit category for Rotary’s North Coast Ethics in Business Awards for District 5130.  Coast Central went through extensive interviews with many individuals before receiving the nomination. The recognition is primarily because of support Coast Central gave to the community and members in the community during the pandemic. Klark commented that there were 73 applicants and it was a big deal that CCCU is one of the finalists.
  • Food for People – Carly was recognized for their recent participation in Pastels on the Plaza.


SPEAKER: Carly introduced Neal Carnam. A few years ago, when Carly was President she was looking for a way to apply for a district grant.  She talked to Neal Carnam and things moved forward.  grants and now Neal is going to talk about it.

Neal used the money that was raised by the District Grant and locally from The Rotary Club of Eureka, Mad River Rotary, Old Town Rotary and GHD to build the Tashinam Computer Lab in the Gurashanker Conservation Area in Nepal. This is a village in Nepal that Neal visited in 2013. There was a big earthquake while they were there.

Previously Rotary, with Neal’s guidance, installed a water system for the village and the villagers now have clean water available to them right outside their homes.

The goal for this project was to provide a computer lab to help connect the village to the world and hopefully provide a way for people to stay locally or to communicate with family who have had to leave for employment opportunities. It is a very rural area located at a very high altitude and it takes a lot of stair climbing to get to the village.

Part of the funding was to refurbish the building and build furniture and cabinets.  When the building was finished the village dressed up and provided flower leis and tea to thank them. The villages youth organization will be maintaining and taking care of the computers. There was a little money left and the village is investing that in cash crops – like kiwis and beehives.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:05pm.