October 29, 2018

The menu was Mexican food including rice beans tortillas chicken enchiladas, and cupcakes. Arny gave the invocation with his cute little daughter on his hip. Nick from the library said the Harry Potter celebration went well. 1000 people came, some in costume.  He’s going to make it an annual thing.
Klark Swan was designated Rotarian Of The Week. Ken Stodder couldn’t wait to talk about the Boston Red Sox winning the World Series.  He had on the complete outfit including the hat, a red sox jacket, and of course, red socks.  He was recognized for 100 dollars. 
There are four new directors for next year, Jerry Reese, Alicia Cox, George Owren, and Chuck Ellsworth.




Our speaker was President of HSU Lisa Rossbacher. She said 22% of their students graduate within 4 years.  That is an improvement.  She had to make 10 million dollars in cuts over the last 10 years, including football.  They are spending their reserve.  They may start up a nursing program in conjunction with CR.  She is retiring at the end of the year so she didn’t have much to say.