October 15, 2018

Menu: Ribs or fried fish, Potatoes with ham, dessert.  Greg Williston gave the invocation, noting that last Monday was Columbus Day, and also Indigenous People’s day, celebrating the few survivors of the “discovery” of the “New world” Most were enslaved, died of various diseases carried by their discoverers or were uprooted and forced to march to the deserts.  On some reservations children were taken to boarding schools because the authorities deemed their parents unfit.  There were hundreds of women and children massacred. To cap it all off, Columbus was really looking for the East Indies.  The first person to “discover” North America was Leif Erickson in 1000 AD. 
 Jay Warren Hockaday sent a nice note to the club thanking them for the Get Well Soon Card they had sent him.  Sue Bosch won an award from Kiwanis.  Phil Nicklas’s wife had a baby.  George Owren had a grandson on the EHS football team. Look Pad who is our exchange student from Thailand, not a new Apple Product, gave the club mementoes from her country.  A casually dressed newly retired Tom Schallert announced that the Blood Mobile they obtained with matching grants from Rotary had been shipped to Nigeria.  We inducted two new members but I didn’t get their names. 
 Our presenter was Barb Spangler our District Governor.  She spoke to this year’s theme “Be the Inspiration” and urged us to do what matters.  Some of the things her father taught her:  It’s nice to be nice, and” You can do it, Barbie baby”  That motivated her to become the first female sumo wrestler to compete in a tournament in Japan. ( just kidding)