November 16, 2020

President Mindy Sehon opened the meeting at noon with 31 participants.

  • Darus Trutna – provided our inspirational thought of the day. The share of world living in extreme povery is decreasing. Same with violence. Many indicators of a bright future.
  • No program today, we will break into small groups today. National fast food day is the topic.  What is your favorite fast food?

Keith Crossley. Paul Harris Fellow Founding Member – Thomas Hine.

Thomas was born in 1861 in Maine. He eventually became an attorney.  He later moved to Arizona and had some health problems. He moved to Eureka in early 1900 and later entered the redwood lumber business.  He initially owned a shingle mill and later joined Humboldt Lumber Co. where remained until he retired in 1933.  He died in 1935.  He was a member of Rotary Club of Eureka when he passed. Thomas was very active in local and civic matters, especially in Boy Scouts. He organized Camp Hine, a summer camp for Boy Scouts, was Chairman of Eureka Chamber of Commerce, etc. .  In honor of his many contributions he is now an honorary Paul Harris Fellow.

Turkey Drive -$950 dollars have been raised so far for Eureka Rescue Mission turkeys.  You can donate at or mail a check.  We have somebody who has offered to match dollar for dollar all donations.


  • Guests: Clarke Memorial Museum. And Mike Moreland
  • Rotary Club of Old Town – Still selling tickets for Rally for Restaurants. Chance to win a $100 gift certificate to a local restaurant.

Birthdays: Don Leonard 11/22


  • Phil Nicholas was recognized for being out having fun with his kids
  • Linda Wise painted a beautiful painting in a painting class.

PRESENTER:  No speaker today.