May 3, 2021

President Mindy Sehon is out of town so president-elect Klark Swan led the meeting. Klark Swan called the meeting to order at noon via noon with 20 people in attendance. We broke into small groups for table talk.

Greg Williston provided the thought of the day: May first was May Day.  It has been celebrated for centuries, as a transition from winter to spring.  Celebrations have included many things through the years including theatrical performances, partying all night and keeping the party going strong for 30 days straight.  Some have danced around the Maypole to protect themselves from snakes. Today May Day is sometimes celebrated with picnics and rallies commemorating worker’s rights.

Birthdays this week: Alicia Cox and John Winzler

Jill Macdonald introduced founding Rotary Club of Eureka member, Dr. Arthur Wrigley. Wrigley was a local man, born in 1888 in Falk. He went to dental school in San Francisco and came back to Humboldt to practice for 38 years.  He contributed to the community in many ways. He was a founder of this club, a member of the Elks Club and more. He died suddenly at the age of 58. He had two daughters. He’s buried at Sunset Memorial Cemetery. He’s our latest honorary Paul Harris Fellow.

President Klark invited attendees to spread a little sunshine by sharing a good experience.  Klark took her kids to see Rotarian friends who have hosted numerous exchange students.  Jennifer Budwig’s nephew and wife had a baby, Amelia Anne, & Jennifer also recently went to Hawaii for a week.  Jerry Reece shared that Saturday was opening day for youth baseball team. He said it was great to see how special it was for the kids to be together.  Jill Macdonald received confirmation that she actually gets to attend her son’s graduation in person, in two weeks.

Speaker Monica Rose is the Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club.  Monica was raised locally.  She graduated from EHS. She was hired as the Executive Director on her 19th birthday. Boys and Girls Club of America was founded in 1860.  Clubs are autonomous but pay a fee to be a part of the Boys and Girls Club nationally.  Kind of like a franchise.  They were founded to provide boys that roam the streets with a positive alternative.  The club locally was started in 1938 by Eureka Police Capt. Thomas Rutledge and Police Chief John McKenzie. Girls were officially invited in 1990.  Today there are more than 4,100 clubs in America. There are four sites and stand-alone programs: The Clubhouse, Eureka Teen Center, McKinleyville Teen Center, Teen Court.  The core areas of development for kids include sports, fitness and social recreation, character and leadership development, health and life skills, the arts, education and career development. Rotary Club of Eureka recently provided a grant for the Boys and Girls Club garden. The grant will provide a new shed, tools, and more.  Rotary Club of Eureka also helped with the building renovation at the Teen Center.  There has been support from many others too to make this happen. You can help by volunteering (once COVID regulations allow).  Become a Board Member, serve on a committee, provide in-kind services, etc.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:48pm.