March 4, 2019
President Brad Mettam has returned from his secret mission.  He seems unchanged, at least on the surface. Or maybe it’s unhinged.   He asked Stacy Lane to lead us in the pledge.  Everyone looked around to see if she was actually there.  A rare sighting. Arny King delivered the invocation, saying that what’s there is not all you see-or maybe he said you don’t always see what’s there.  We saw Stacy. 
Klark Swan
Klark Swan announced that Rotary’s Mardi Gras is Saturday March 16th6-9pm at the Sequoia Conference Center.  Tickets are $30. They need more donations for a Dutch Raffle.  They could also use some more ingredients for the Gumbo:  shrimp, oysters, possums, garter snakes and anything else that swims, flies, or crawls. The Rotaract Club is celebrating 50 years.  They have a dinner at the Humboldt tap room Tuesday March 12th.Raffle tickets are available. Coincidentally March 10—16 is World Rotaract Week.  A representative from CASA talked about The Spamley Cup- a spam cookoff Sunday April 28th.  Our outgoing Exchange student Estrella is going to Brazil.  She’s making tamales 6 for 15 dollars, 12 for 20.  As a fundraiser. They will be delivered at the next meeting.
Our presenter was Cecilia from the Raven Project.  The non- profit serves homeless youth. They provide a place to drop in and get a hot shower and they give out survival supplies.  They are funded by a $200,000 federal grant.  They also received $16,000 from the Sign Smith Fund.  They will supply interns for local businesses and pay their wages in exchange for training.

For those of you that are curious, lunch consisted of turkey slices in stuffing, bratwurst, mashed potatoes, onion rings, and the ubiquitous salad bar. Martha Stewart served the same menu at her last party.   See you next week.