March 18th 2019

President-elect Carly Robbins gave the invocation.  Brad Mettam presided.  Klark Swan shared that Mardi Gras Fundraiser had been a success.  60 people attended and they made $4500.  The biggest challenge was making gumbo for 120. 
County Office of Education representative Melody McGuire accepted a $5000 check for the Science Fair.  There is still time to sign up for The March 23 reforestation project in Lake County.
SPECIAL NOTICE; The April 1 meeting will be off-site and in the evening at Lost Coast Brewery’s Beer tasting site near Piersons.
5:30 pm
.  Beer will be served. Our program was our annual March Madness fund raiser.  Arny King did a great job with a sparse and penurious audience. Jack Reike bought Duke so we know he’ll have at least one winner.