March 14, 2022

Club President Klark Swan presided over the meeting.

Thought of the Day: Kate Witthaus provided the Thought of the Day, which focused on the power and potential of young people.  Kate reminded us that “Everyone you admire was once a beginner”.

Visitors: John Fullerton, former club member, was a welcome visitor today.

Wings for a Cure: Jera Newland announced the upcoming Wings for a Cure event.  This event is a fundraiser for California Cancer Crushers, and will be held on Friday, March 25th.  Enjoy all you can eat chicken wings, while contributing towards a lifesaving cause!

Club Socials:  The club discussed resuming club social events.  It was agreed that we would like to have in-person events beginning in April.

NCAA March Madness: Arny King emceed the March Madness auction.  Participants bid on Division 1 Men’s Basketball Championship teams and packs.  Half of all money raised benefits the club, then the auction payout will be split between the final 4 teams.  There is also a blind pool with payouts of up to $200!  Games start Thursday, March 17th.