March 11 2019

The meeting was opened by our president Brad Mettam.  Ziggy Ziggenfuss was called upon to lead the Flag Salute.  In the audience was former member and past president Laurie Lazio.  He said a few words. When he was president he fined Rotarians using a wheel of Fortune you spun to determine what your fine would be. 

 Klark Swan reminded us of the Mardi Gras fundraiser this Saturday .  Dr.Kim Bauriedel announced that a Tourist Trip to Russia was being offered.  Two weeks in paradise.  Bring your own snowshoes. Next Monday’s meeting is the March Madness fund raiser, so bring your wallet and a detailed knowledge of the skills of 106 college basketball teams.  This year you can buy the 11-16 seeds for $10.  Arny King will be the auctioneer. Blue Ox Millworks was awarded 3250 to build a ramp. The Four-way Fest Rotary District Assembly is being held in Reno at the Pepper Mill May 17-19th.



Our presenter was Erick of Blue Ox Millworks. The topic was the Hearse that Blue OX millworks and a group of volunteers had created for a re-enactment of Abraham Lincoln’s Funeral.  It was built from scratch using the only existing photo of the Hearse and scaling it to make blueprints.  They hand cast aluminum for the hardware and gilded it, and made an exact replica right down to the peacock plumes on the roof.  They then shipped it to Springfield Illinois for the reenactment.  It’s spectacular.  Chuck Ellsworth did the gilding on the horse drawn wagon.


Lincoln’s Hearse restored