March 1, 2021

President Mindy Sehon opened the meeting at noon with 22 members in attendance.

Colby Smart gave the inspirational moment.

Today President Mindy is giving the State of the Club address today. There will be no guest speaker.

Youth Exchange – we will be hosting an inbound student and need host families.  Please reach out to Lynn Dugaw or Nancy Dean if you can host.

Mike Cunningham is celebrating 30 years as a Rotarian this month!

State of the Club: Over the years Rotary Club of Eureka has worked on many projects in our community such as purchasing a transportation van for St. Joseph Hospital, a makeover of Winship School, Backpacks for Kids, support of the county Science Fair and much more. At the moment we are in a good financial position to help others.

At the Board retreat this year we decided to focus on the following four areas:

  1. Homelessness
  2. Supporting Food for People
  3. Community Trails
  4. International Service Projects

We are currently raising funds for lift attachment for Food for People’s forklift.  The board has approved paying for the forklift and reimbursing the club through various fundraisers.

We applied for a grant through the Rotary district and received a matching grant for $2,000.  A total of $4,200 will be donated to Eureka School District to pay for unpaid student lunches.  There will be a photo with a giant check on March 19th at Zane Middle School and a press release will be sent out.

President-Elect Klark Swan said a lot of club members have been asking how are dues spent, why are our dues so high?  She provided a chart created by our financial wizard Kris Marquez.

Areas of improvement we identified at our retreat:

Small Grants – we need to spread the word to non-profit contacts to apply for small grants. Application and details are available on our web site.

Dictionaries/youth literacy – This committee has had numerous leadership changes.  Is it still a pertinent need?  Should we transition to youth literacy?

The meeting was adjourned at 12:45 pm.