June 28, 2021

President Mindy Sehon opened her last meeting of the year at 12:35pm in person at the Inn at 2nd and C in Eureka!

The invocation was provided by Anthony Stubbs who gave a heartfelt thank you to Mindy for her leadership and provided an inspirational quote about leadership.

Mindy acknowledged the four outgoing board members- Chuck Ellsworth, George Owren, Jerry Reece and Alicia Cox.  She then presented a special award of “Rotarian of the year” to Alicia Cox for all of her help with social media and advertising.

Carly and Klark presented a well done look back at Mindy’s year with a video that included parts played by Rotarians in the club enacting faux pas we all experienced with Zoom.  Issues included not muting, sound cutting out, technical assistance needs and more. Remembrances included a backpack- symbolizing Mindy’s ongoing work with Backpacks for Kids, toilet paper in honor of the great toilet paper hoarding craze during COVID, hand sanitizer, a mask, wine, hornet spray for the killer hornets that appeared at the beginning of COVID and much more.