July 16, 2018

Dennis Hunter pauses to reflect.

Our new President Brad Mettam opened the meeting from the opposite end of the room 30 feet away from the windows.  The meeting had relocated but the food hadn’t changed. This week’s lunch was stuffed peppers or fried cod, scalloped potatoes, salad bar and blueberry cake.  Dennis Hunter gave the invocation.  Jim Davis had passed away.  J Warren Hockaday was in the hospital. 

Brad gave Mike Martin a hard time about his Rotary badge, the last of its kind, it is square and made out of plastic. Some time in the 90’s Rotary came up with a new badge design but it never stuck.  Bruce Smith got his past president’s pin.  Brad introduced his new board of directors.  Pat Folkins gave a eulogy for Jim Davis.  He was a Rotarian for over 40 years.  Until his retirement in 1993 He was head of the Forest service and superintendent of Six Rivers National Forest. Services will be held on July 26th at Christ Episcopal church.


Matthew Owen invited volunteers to paint the Boy’s and Girl’s club on the 21st-one of his Done in A Day Projects.  Our exchange student Lila  auctioned off some succulents to raise money for her travels.  Want to buy a coastie a steak dinner?  Donate $25.  It happens on August 6th. 
Christian Hill introduced our speaker.  Dr. Roberta Ruskin-Hawk is the first female CEO of St. Joseph Hospital. She looks forward to the challenge.  If you want to know more about what she said, slip me a fiver at the next meeting And I’ll tell you.


Hank Ingham