July 12, 2021

The first meeting of the 2021_2022 year was called to order by President Klark Swan at 12:20pm.  This was a hybrid meeting – both in-person and on zoom.

Nancy Dean provided the thought of the day.

Klark noted July Birthdays and asked for any birthday stories but nobody apparently had any fun on their birthday as there was no response.

Klark talked about her strategic plan for the coming year as decided at the board retreat last year. The 4 major areas we are targeting– youth literacy, homelessness, food for people & international projects.

New this year- If you leave money on the table please fill out the envelopes that are on the table so our treasurer knows why there is money on the table and who it is from.

There will be a Done in a Day at Sequoia Park Zoo this Saturday from 9am – noon.  All volunteers will be able to walk on the Skywalk following the cleanup. Contact Matthew Owen for details.

Today’s Rotary moment was provided by Dennis Hunter.  Dennis asked that we remember the many Rotarians we lost over the last year… Dick Storre, Laurie Lazio, Jack Macdonald, Hugo Papstein, Scott Sattler, Craig Perrone, Pete Vallerga and Richard Burrough.

Raffle – Klark’s son, Lincoln and daughter, Charlie came up to help distribute prizes to the winners.


  • Mindy Sehon – Klark noted it was a challenging year and that Mindy deserves a big thank you for all of her hard work. Mindy then gave Klark her President’s pin.
  • Ted Loring is a grandfather!
  • Wayne Wilson and his wife were pictured walking on the Skywalk.
  • Jerry Reece received a baseball cap signed by his favorite Survivor actor for his birthday from his kids.
  • Kris Marquez recently went on vacation in Vegas with her daughter and husband.


Klark provided a picture of herself with her parents. She was born in 1967 in a little town outside of Bakersfield.  She moved to Humboldt County when she was 6 years old. She was homeschooled along with her brother and sister until junior high.  Karly Robbins from our club has been a good friend since high school.  Klark was an exchange student in Germany through the Rotary Club of Eureka.  She married Jesse Swan 11 years ago.  Her husband owns an auto detailing business.

Klark has been active in Rotary affiliated organizations since she was 16.  She helped found Rotex in 2005.  In 2008 she became President of Lost Coast Rotaract.  And in 2016 she joined Rotary Club of Eureka. She’s been looking forward to being president for many years. Career-wise she has been in the event world for many years. Her theme for this year is… Who Would I Be Without Rotary? She encouraged everybody to get involved & get excited about Rotary.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:55pm.