February 28, 2022

The meeting was opened at 12:05pm on Zoom by President Klark Swan. Darus Trutna led the pledge of Allegiance.  Klark provided the thought of the day- “There’s a lot going on in the world right now, I am proud that Rotary continues the good work that they do. Unfortunately, 8 frontline workers on the Afghan polio frontline were recently slain while conducting their duties.”

March Madness – starts tomorrow.  Arny King will be providing more information soon. 

Meeting in Person NEXT week March 7th  – @ the Inn at 2nd and C.  Chapala will be catering. We will not be doing hybrid meetings for now. Eventually the Inn at 2nd and C will have in-house catering. For now we will be rotating caterers about once per month.  Please bring cash for lunch and raffle tickets.  $15 for lunch.  $5 for raffle.  Raffle prizes are waiting for you. Donna from Eureka Chamber will be the speaker.

RSVP to the meetings via Google – you will get an email with a link.  Follow the link for details about the meeting and to RSVP.

Outbound exchange student Naomi – Naomi is going to Denmark.  She is looking for help to reach her financial goal. She will be coming to the meeting on March 7th to sell cookies and other things.  Please help. Carlton is donating his recent winnings from the football pool to her on Monday.

District Assembly/Conference – Assembly happening on April 2nd in Ukiah. Lots of new topics being addressed this year.

District 5130 Conference – May 20-21 at Fortuna River Lodge. The theme is rockability. District Governor Dustin Littlefield is a musician and may even perform at the conference. Dale Warmuth is helping to create a car show.

Sign Smith – Tom Schallert reported that we have made a $40,000 donation plus we have worked with many other donators and together have raised enough money to purchase a big mower for the trails. 

Upcoming election:  Nominees include: President-elect Annalise von Borstel, Treasurer – Kris Marquez has offered to continue her service.  Nancy Dean – Secretary.  We will hold an election with two weeks to dispute if you have any objections.

TODAY’S SPEAKER: Dr. Peter Stoll, Humboldt County Office of Education, (HCOE) Coordinator of Prevention and Intervention Services.   Dr. Stoll is a Behavioral Psychologist by training.  He formerly worked in special education but he found that much of this work was reactive to situations developing. Unfortunately, you can’t really help if you are not being preventive in your work.  That’s what he is doing now.  Their focus is on ‘Restorative Practices’ – History has shown that punishment is the least effective way to establish lasting change. Their goal is to provide solutions /work that are 80% prevention & 20% responsiveness.

In the classroom the goal is to create emotional safety, encourage respect, teach empathy and provide a space where all students feel like they belong. Behaviour changes come more often when those in authority do things with them rather than to them or for them. Statistically students who receive just one suspension are 5X more likely to drop-out of school. They are also 3X more likely to be involved in the juvenile justice system within one year. Bullying is often a lack of understanding so it’s important to work with kids to understand, protect and support each other.


The meeting was adjourned at 12:55pm.