December 17, 2018
Today’s meeting was held off site at the Recology Center in Samoa.  Brad Mettam led the meeting.  We pledged to a projected image of the flag and did the invocation. 
Continued good wishes for J. Warren Hockaday, who is recovering from successful cancer treatments.  The menu was Mexican food.  Tacos enchiladas beans and rice. 
Assemblyman Jim Wood
Our presenter was Jim Wood California Assemblyman.  He spoke on various topics including wild fires and health care.  The meeting room was full of recycled objects: Manikins, slot machines plastic bottles and the walls were covered with the art of Linda Wise head of Recology Arcata.


A good time was had by all.  The next two weeks we will be dark due to the holidays.    The next meeting is January 7, 2019.
Linda Wise art