August 8, 2022

The meeting was presided over by Past President Mindy Sehon. Scott Thompson led the flag salute and Annalise von Borstel provided the Thought of the Day.

There were a lot of guests and this reporter couldn’t keep up but here’s what I got:

Linda Wise introduced Frank Nelson, Operations Manager of Recology. Ross Rowley of Fortuna Sunrise, Scott Adair, Humboldt County Director of Economic Development; Dianna Rios and Taylor also with Humboldt County’s Economic Development Department (and our guest speakers).  Klark Swan’s guest, Marty a past Rotaractor. Ian Schatz. Cindy Denbo and Mary both with the Rotary Club of Southwest Eureka.

Cindy Denbo and Mary invited the club to Rotary Club of Southwest Eureka’s Martini’s By the Bay on Thursday, August 11- 5-7pm. Buy tickets today or online.  They left us with this poem by Ogden Nash.

A Drink with Something In It

There is something about a Martini,
A tingle remarkably pleasant;
A yellow, a mellow Martini;
I wish I had one at present.
There is something about a Martini,
Ere the dining and dancing begin,
And to tell you the truth,
It is not the vermouth–
I think that perhaps it’s the gin.

Klark Swan and Ian Schatz let us know that our incoming exchange student from Finland, (Hilla) arrives tomorrow at midnight at the Airport.  If you’d like to join them in welcoming her please do.  Ian Schatz will be her first host family but they still need more host families for the rest of the year. Our outbound exchange student, Naomi has left and is on her way to her exchange.

A dog showed up and made the rounds of our various dog lovers.  Chuck Ellsworth appeared to be the dog’s favorite person.

Coast Guard Dinner cook your own steak is happening Thursday, August 18th.  There’s a sign up sheet at the meeting to help.  Cost is $60 to have dinner and purchase a dinner for a Coastie.

The fundraiser for Food for People is going well but they still need additional sponsorships.  Go to Food for People’s web site to sign up.

Sign Smith Grants deadline is coming up.  Know of a non-profit that could use a grant?  Applications are available at


Alicia Cox was recognized as her daughter was recently married.

Jay Reed recently visited Costa Rica

Scott Thompson was recognized for his hard work in getting the permit approved for Nordic Aquafarms.


Winners of the drawing included Linda Wise – silver dollar, Mike Martin – McDonalds Gift Certificate, Unknown- $10 cash, Phatsy Kline – Lynn Dugaw, Drawing for the gold coin- Ian Schatz drew a 2 of hearts.


Dianna Rios (along with co-worker Taylor and Director Scott Adair) introduced Humboldt Rising ( A developing strategy to insure future prosperity in Humboldt County from 2023 – 2027.  Counties are required to have these strategies in place in order to quality for many federal funds.

The first step is to go out into the communities and listen to what prosperity means to a variety of individuals.  They plan to have a rough draft finished in March 2023.

Starting 8/24 and ending 9/9 there will be roadshows in a variety of communities inviting community members to come and provide their thoughts.  Participants will divide into small groups for discussion. You can also leave comments on the web site.  The rough draft will be reviewed by the various communities for accuracy prior to being finalized.  They need people to comment and provide input so please either attend a meeting or comment online.