August 28, 2017

Meeting was called to order at 12:17 by Paul Brisso. Pledge of Allegiance was led by Ken Stodder. The invocation was given by Bill McAuley.

No visitors or students but J Hockaday, David Wells, Tom McMurray and Bill McAuley had birthdays.

Announcements included a reminder to give to Polio Plus and from Matt Owen a reminder to show up Saturday 9/9 at 9 AM behind the Lost Coast Brewery on 4th street to help clean up the City.

Paul Brisso used his position to “stroll down memory lane” and recognize four Rotarians that were instrumental in starting his career in Eureka. First was Dick Storey, CPA for Paul’s law firm when Paul started. Bill McAuley, CPA when Dick retired. Pat Folkins Rotary President when Paul first joined Rotary and John Winzler who Paul knew even before he was an attorney.

Spengler-Howard Raffle:

Silver Dollar went to Tom Schallert, a Past President of Rotary and the Eureka Chamber of Commerce.

In lieu of a Jitter Bean Certificate, Chuck Ellsworth donated a $5 bill which went to Bob Palmrose.

$10 went to George Owren, Black Lightning $20 went to Sean McLaughin, and the Gold ingot did not go to Matthew Owen.

Our speaker was Lori Dengler, Professor Emeritus HSU, earthquake and tsunami expert. She reminded us that it’s been 25 years since our last “real” earthquake, so let’s prepare. The number one act of preparation is “talk about it”. Talk with friends, familiy, co-workers. Just talk. Nothing happens unless we talk.

Remember to drop, cover, and hold. Do not run.

And visit their earthquake exhibit at the Humboldt County Fair.

Don Smullin