August 22, 2022

The meeting was presided over by Past President Mindy Sehon. The flag salute was led by Ted Loring. President Jerry Reese was in attendance and received a warm welcome from the club.

Guests included Klark Swan’s friend Marie who is a past Rotaractor and hopefully a soon to be Rotarian.  Klark also introduced the five kids she brought to Rotary ranging in age from Kindergarten to 5th grade.

Our exchange student Hilla is in Humboldt County but was attending her first day of school today so was unable to come to the meeting

The Elk’s Lodge cook your own steak dinner for the Coast Guard was last Thursday. Thank you to everybody who helped at the dinner!

Backpacks for Kids fundraiser is still going on.  You can buy a square to help sponsor backpacks.

Sign Smith grants applications close September 30th.

Rotary Dues invoices were emailed.  If you haven’t received please check your junk mail.

This Friday 8/26 you are invited to the Humboldt County Fair  for a horse racing mixer.  Meet at 2pm at the Beer truck in the field in front of the horse paddock.


Silver Dollar- Becky Reese, McDonald’s Gift Certificate- Natalie, $10 cash- Ken Stodder, Phatsy Kline Gift Certificate- Annalise von Borstel, Draw the joker to win a gold coin value $444- Klark’s daughter Charlie drew a 3 of diamonds.


Alexis Kelso Senior Transportation Planner with Caltrans talked about the strides Caltrans is making with increasing safety. Each day 10 people in California die in road accidents.  Their goal is that by the year 2050 that number will be 0 people.  Caltrans is also addressing equity in California and Climate Change.

Clancy De Smet Senior Environmental Planner with Caltrans talked about the Eureka/Arcata corridor.  In anticipation of sea level rise Caltrans is raising the heights of the earthen berms and addressing the issue in other ways.  Right now it is estimated that by 2030 water will be on the road during high tides unless changes are made.  There’s more information at

Jeff Pimentel Project Manager for the Eureka-Arcata Corridor Improvement Project at Caltrans talked about the various projects that have been completed and others that are coming up…. Many of these projects are dealing with improving safety for drivers and pedestrians.


Jeff said that Caltrans will be holding pop-up demonstrations along Broadway. These test demonstrations will include the temporary installation of materials like vertical cone-like delineators and paint to analyze proposed improvements before possible construction. Go to for more information and to take the survey.

A question and answer followed aided by Past President of Rotary Club of Eureka and Deputy District Director at Caltrans, Brad Mettam.