August 16, 2021

Klark Swan opened the meeting at noon via Zoom with 26 people in attendance.

Brad Mettam talked about thinking about adding a Rotary background to your Zoom window and how that can also sell Rotary when you are in other meetings.

Klark said we will continue to meet virtually for now but hopefully can meet in person soon.

Volunteers are needed on the small grants committee.  Please let Kate Witthaus know if you can help out.

The Golf tournament is still happening.  Please register to help benefit Youth Exchange. The Friday night dinner will be held outside.

The Coast Guard dinner is cancelled or postponed depending on how things go.  If you have already paid please let Klark know.

BUDGET REPORT: The budget has been approved by the board and excess funds that have not been spent over the last 2 years because of COVID, will allow us to increase spending by $3,000 for Backpacks for Kids, $5,000 for International Projects and an additional $30,000 for small grants (usually $9,000).

ROTARY MOMENT: Klark shared that Rotary’s worldwide effort to end Polio is doing great.  We’ve now reached the 28th week in a row (over 6 months with no new reported cases.). Thanks to all have donated to help win this battle.

Arny King- reported on the results of the Olympics Pool. 1st place winner- Debbie Storre won $350.  2nd place: Lynn won $100 and a Dick Taylor bar. 3rd place $50 Matthew Owen. Kris Marquez and Mindy Sehon both won a chocolate bar. We raised some money for the Red Cross in Germany.

No raffle today.


  • Annalise – just became a 1 gallon donor.
  • Arny King- Arny’s wife Jessica has been going to CU school for the past 4 years for management. She received high honors.
  • Jera Newland– CCCU team members at the Eureka downtown branch formed a team and went after work to donate blood at the Blood Bank.

PRESENTER: Our presenter today was supposed to be Eric Stackpole who is on a ship in Svalbard so he is unable to present today.  He is the host on an upcoming show that they are currently filming.  He’s a local graduate of McKinleyville High.  We will hear from him at a different time.

Next week’s speaker will be District Governor Dustin Littlefield. Please plan to attend.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:27pm