Alissa Woods presided over the meeting for President Annalise von Borstel who is out of town. Klark Swan’s kids and their friends led us in a rousing version of the flag salute, enjoyed by all.  Jeremy Campbell provided the thought of the day reminding us that it’s easy to get busy and forget about taking care of ourselves during the holidays.  Remember not to forget self-care.

Guests of Rotarians: Klark Swan had 5 guests- her son and daughter Lincoln and Charlie and their friends Addie and Natalie.  Jessica from the Speakeasy was also visiting.  Pat Folkins introduced Heather Lopez with Humboldt Marketing and his wife Sheila.  Rick Littlefield introduced guest Gregory Fillmore.

A reminder we will be dark for the next 2 weeks because of the holidays.

Following the raffle we were entertained by Eureka High School’s Limited Edition.  Led by Eureka High School’s Music Director, Charles Young they sang a number of Christmas songs closing with Carol of the Bells which seems to be a favorite of most of the Rotarians in attendance.