Sep 232014

rotary humboldt libraryStarting as just an idea back in 1989, the Rotary Club of Eureka embarked upon a very big project: participation in the construction of the brand-new Main Branch of the Humboldt County Library, overlooking Humboldt Bay. Past President Gary Barker served as chairman of the committee during the three years it took to complete the project.

The Rotary effort was directed towards a special part of the library, called the Humboldt Room, which became the centerpiece for the beautiful new library. Today the room offers a spacious, tranquil place for study and contains comprehensive reference materials about the history of Humboldt County. Among other materials it contains the extensive Suzy Baker Fountain papers and an index, along with the California Indian library collection.

This project is one of many that creates a legacy left to the people of our community, their children and their grandchildren to come.

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