Sep 232014

Our first President was Ritchie Woods. Ritchie owned Woods Pharmacy on the corner of Sixth and G St. in Eureka. Ritchie was very much a community service individual and a native of Fields Landing.

Ritchie also served as the President of Eureka Chamber of Commerce in 1924. He served for ten years on the Eureka Board of Education and was a charter member of the Ingomar Club. It was Ritchie’s suggestion that the name “Ingomar” was selected for the club. Ritchie was also a member of The Masonic Lodge 79 F&A, The Elks Lodge, and Chairman of the Eureka Cancer Society. Unquestionably he was a man concerned about our community.

After 50 years in business he retired on July 1954. Unfortunately, on September 6, 1954 he and another of our club members, Dr. Vernon Hunt, along with their friend Dr. Frank Smith, died while fishing on the Klamath River. In those days there was no way to let people downstream know that water was going to be released from the dam. Tragically, when the water was released it capsized their boat, and all three were drowned.

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