Sep 232014

Tolerance is one of the most important virtues in the Rotary spirit. As early as 1911 our founder Paul Harris in his essay “Rational Rotarianism” said, “If by interposition of Providence I someday were to find myself standing on a platform in some great Coliseum looking into the eyes of every living Rotarian, and were to be told that I could have one word to say, without an instant’s hesitation and at the top of my voice, I would shout ‘Toleration!’”

Our founder Paul Harris has repeatedly iterated: “Rotarians respect each other‘s opinions and are tolerant and friendly at all times. Catholics, Protestants, Moslems, Jews, and Buddhists break bread together in Rotary.” And it is this tolerant attitude that prompted the Rotary International to adopt the following statement in 1933: “Rotarians in all countries should recognize these facts (differences), and there should be a thoughtful avoidance of criticism of the laws and customs of one country by the Rotarians of another country.” Tolerance is a key to understanding among different peoples and nations.

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