Sep 232014

One current area of interest for Rotary clubs focuses on providing “new opportunities for the aging.” With the substantial upswing in the worldwide population of older persons, their needs for special attention have greatly multiplied. As citizens grow older, it becomes increasingly important for them to retain their personal independence and to remain in control of their own lives to the extent that is possible. Rotary clubs are seeking ways to serve the older persons of their community who face problems of deteriorating health, loneliness, poor nutrition, transportation difficulties, and inability to do customary chores, loss of family associations, reduced recreational opportunities, inadequate housing, and limited information about available social agencies for emergency assistance.

rotary concern for the aging

The Rotary Club of Eureka was instrumental in providing funding for the local Alzheimer unit in Eureka. It is one area of Community Service in which there is a growing possibility that each of us may someday be on the receiving end.

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