Sep 232014

rotary community corpsA Rotary Community Corps (RCC) is a team of non- Rotarian men and women who are committed to their community’s long-term development and self-sufficiency. An RCC is sponsored by a Rotary Club and, like Rotaract and Interact clubs, is one of Rotary’s partners in service. The main principle of the program is to enable RCC members to personally address and solve problems in the area where they work or live.

The Rotary Community Corps (RCC) is a volunteer organization with an estimated 157,000 non-Rotarian men and women in over 7,500 communities in over 80 countries.

Some examples are:
The RCC of San Miguel in Guadalajara, Mexico gives scholarships to high school students from poor families.

Disabled volunteer members of the RCC of Keon in Cortlandt Manor, New York, USA plan service activities at a food pantry and dog rescue facility.

The RCC of Cura Village in Nairobi, Kenya, provides education funding and equipment for a local orphanage, providing a home for AIDS orphans. The RCC of Cura, near Nairobi, established a home for children, some of them HIV positive, whose parents have died from AIDS. The home has been able to take in more than twice the number of children it could originally support, thanks to donations from International Rotary clubs, the Arya Vedic Interact Club, and local organizations. Donations included food, educational materials, a water tank, and kitchen appliances.

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