Sep 232014

rotary friendship exchangeThe Rotary Friendship Exchange program gives Rotarians and their families the opportunity to host and visit Rotarians around the world. In addition to experiencing other cultures and making lasting friendships, an exchange provides a strong foundation for carrying out other international activities and service projects.

Types of Exchanges: There are two main types of friendship exchanges, the visitor exchange and the team exchange. In both types the participating districts agree upon the number of people or couples participating, length of stay, and other details. Rotary Friendship Exchanges are expected to be reciprocal.

Visitor exchange
The visitor exchange gives individual Rotarians, who may be accompanied by family members, the opportunity to spend a few days in the home of a Rotarian in another country. The typical visitor exchange lasts from three to seven days.

Team exchange
The team exchange allows several Rotarians or Rotary couples to travel to different communities in a host district for a period of up to one month. Univocational exchange a unique aspect to incorporate into either the team or the visitor exchange is the univocational exchange, where both the guest and host Rotarians are members of the same profession. A univocational exchange gives participants the opportunity to explore a common interest.

Volunteer/service exchange
Volunteer or service exchanges include opportunities for visiting Rotarians to participate in the service activities of a host club during an exchange

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