Sep 232014

rotary peace programA special program of The Rotary Foundation was originally labelled the “Rotary Peace Forum.” The concept of a center or educational program to promote greater understanding and peace in the world was originally discussed in 1982 by the New Horizons Committee and the World Understanding and Peace Committee. In 1984 it was further explored by a New Programs Committee of The Rotary Foundation. The essence of the Rotary Peace Program is to utilize the nongovernmental but worldwide resources of Rotary to develop educational programs around the issues that cause conflict among nations in the world as well as those influences and activities that promote peace, development and goodwill. The program includes seminars, publications or conferences as a means to initiate a global dialogue to find new approaches to peace and world understanding. Specific Rotary Peace Programs are selected twice a year by the Trustees of The Rotary Foundation. Many peace programs are held each year in conjunction with presidential conferences.

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