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Scholarships can be funded by district grants, global grants, and in some cases, packaged grants. District grants have no restrictions on the educational level of the scholarship (e.g., undergraduate or graduate), duration of the program, or field of study. Districts may develop their own criteria for selecting scholars, determine the monetary amount of the awards, and support students attending local universities, as there is no international requirement. Global grants, as well as some packaged grants, support international graduate-level study related to an area of focus for one to four years. Today’s scholars are tomorrow’s leaders within the areas of focus.

Rotary Club of Eureka Scholarships
The Rotary Club of Eureka has a long history of providing scholarships to needy students starting all the way back in 1946. Today, Rotary has several opportunities for scholarships that can be funded in many different ways.

Wendell Adams Memorial Fund
To honor Wendell Adams, his wife, Olive M. Adams, established this fund in 1986.  He will be remembered for his love of music and his desire to serve others. Mr. Adams had served as President of the Eureka Rotary Club. The income from this fund is to be used for Exchange Students sponsored by the Rotary Club of Eureka. $13,149.35

Donald Morris Hegy Memorial Fund
Bill Hegy was a member of the Rotary Club of Eureka and served as President in 1983/1984. Mr. and Mrs. William Z. Hegy established this fund in memory of their son, Donald Morris Hegy, who passed away at the young age of 4 years. Bill and Elizabeth Hegy set up this fund to help in the following disciplines (in order):
Environmental science with emphasis in engineering,
Business administration with emphasis in computer science,
Social science with emphasis in history and political science.

Funds are kept at the Humboldt Area Foundation and the selection process is managed by the Rotary Club of Eureka. Currently, the fund is sustaining one $1,500 scholarship per year. $45,881.54

Joseph Sidney Woolford Fund
Dr. John S. Woolford was a graduate of Louisville Medical School, with advanced training at the University of Chicago. He was a member of Rotary Club of Eureka from 1934 until his passing in 1957. It was his desire to reward measurable scholastic achievement, quality and excellence of individual performance, career goal direction and an ability to inspire others. Scholarships are awarded to HSU graduate students. Recipients are selected by members of Rotary Club of Eureka. $240,983.28

Harvey G. Harper Rotary Scholarship
Harvey Harper was a dedicated and long-time Rotarian. Beloved by his family and community, Harvey’s love of cars was unparalleled. He left this lasting gift to the Rotary of Eureka. Each spring a scholarship will be awarded in Harvey’s memory to support a student who is planning to attend a school accredited by the National Automotive Technician’s Education Foundation. Funds are kept at the Humboldt Area Foundation and selection process is managed by the Rotary Club of Eureka. $25,055.91

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