Sep 232014

It was Arch Klumph, father of The Rotary Foundation, who said, “We should look at the Foundation as being not something of today or tomorrow, but think of it in terms of the years and generations to come.” That’s why the Foundation’s Permanent Fund is considered the most important way to assure the future of Rotary’s educational and humanitarian programs.

rotary permanent fundOnly earnings from their investment are used to support Foundation programs. Ultimately, it is intended that the Permanent Fund will provide a steady and secure supplement to Foundation support, always guaranteeing a minimum level of program activity and allowing for the possibility of new and expanded programs in the future.

The Permanent Fund is the Foundation’s endowed fund, with gifts held in perpetuity. Spendable earnings from the fund supplement the Annual Fund and support Rotary’s highest priorities, including global grants and the Rotary Peace Centers. The Foundation has set a goal of $1 billion in Permanent Fund assets by 2025, ensuring its capacity to meet future needs.

The Foundation gives special recognition to anyone who includes a substantial gift to the Permanent Fund in his or her estate plan or gives outright a minimum cash gift of US$1, 000 to the fund. Such a donor is designated as a Rotary Foundation Benefactor. As of this June 2014 there were more than 92,000 Benefactors worldwide

Donors typically support the Permanent Fund through outright and planned gifts. The opportunities in many countries include:

  • Bequest commitments
  • Life insurance
  • Marketable securities
  • Real estate
  • Charitable trusts or annuities

Permanent Fund recognition opportunities include:

  • Benefactor
  • Bequest Society
  • Major Donor
  • Arch C. Klumph Society

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