Sep 232014

Almost every day a new Rotary club is chartered in one of the more than 200 countries in which Rotary exists. This steady growth in new clubs is extremely important in extending the worldwide programs and influence of Rotary International.

New Rotary clubs may be established anywhere in the world where the fundamental principles of Rotary may be freely observed.

A club must be organized to serve a specific “locality” or clearly identified territory in which there are enough business or professional persons of good character engaged in proprietary or management positions. A minimum of 35 potential classifications is necessary for a proposed new club, and from that list a permanent membership of at least 20 members must be enrolled.

The Rotary Club of Eureka has a history of starting new clubs and were instrumental in obtaining the Arcata charter on February 8, 1926, the Fortuna charter on January 5, 1927 and the Crescent City charter on November 24, 1953. In addition our club worked with Fortuna in organizing the Garberville charter on January 11, 1938. More recently we chartered the Southwest Eureka Rotary club on March 13, 1969.

The Eureka High School Interact club was chartered by the Rotary Club of Eureka in 1962.

The Lost Coast Rotaract by the Rotary Club of Eureka in February 2010.

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