Sep 232014

The so-called “Rule of 85” is alive and well, although modified by the 2010 Council on Legislation. It is hard to find because it is not officially called the “Rule of 85”, nor a type of Rotary membership (“Active” or “Honorary” are the only two) – it is merely a provision listed under “excused absences” in the Standard Rotary Club Constitution. It provides that if a members combined age and years of service equal 85 years or greater, they are at least age 65, and they ask to be excused, then they are excused. Additionally, they don’t count against the club’s attendance figures.

Example: Member John Doe will be 65 in June 2015 and he will have 20 years of service in October 2015. This qualifies him for exclusion from attendance starting in October 2015. This will not affect his or her membership status in any way, but will simply allow the Club Attendance Secretary to exclude him from the attendance percent if he does not make a meeting. However, if he attends a meeting he should be counted toward your overall percentage.

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