Sep 232014

Absences from regular club meetings may be made up in various ways listed in the Standard Rotary Club Constitution. Members who attend an RI meeting, such as a district conference, can credit the days attended to make up for club meetings missed as a result of attending the RI meeting. There several other ways as well. To achieve Rotary International’s regulation of maintaining a minimum 60 percent attendance record, up to half of this requirement can be achieved by making up missed meetings:

  • At other regularly established Rotary Club meetings including e-clubs or online clubs.
  • At a District Assembly or Conference.
  • At a Rotary International Convention or Conference.
  • At a Eureka Rotary Club Service project, including things like Back Pack for Kids, the Dictionary Project, scholarship meetings, small grants meeting, etc.
  • At any gathering designated as a “makeup meeting” by the club president.
  • Attending a fellowship meeting; e.g., Christmas party, club fundraiser
  • Attending an Interact Club meeting
  • Attending an Rotaract Club meeting
  • Attending a complete Eureka Rotary Club Board Meeting
  • Online for an online club or the club makeup.

Make sure to inform our attendance secretary that you have made up a meeting; it helps your attendance and the club’s overall attendance.

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