Sep 232014

rotary membership numbersRegular attendance is essential to a strong and active Rotary club. The emphasis on attendance is traced back to 1922, when Rotary International announced a worldwide attendance contest that motivated thousands of Rotarians to achieve 100 percent attendance year after year. Many Rotarians take great pride in maintaining a 100 percent record in their own club or by making-up at other Rotary club meetings. Although the bylaws of Rotary require members to attend only 60 percent of all meetings, the custom has emerged that 100 percent is the desirable level. Rotary stresses regular attendance because each member represents his own business or profession, and thus the absence of any member deprives the club of the values of its diversified membership and the personal fellowship of each member. From time to time, proposals have been made to give attendance credit for various reasons or to lower the minimum requirement. Such attempts generally have been rebuffed by the clubs acting through the Council on Legislation.

Currently we have two members in our club who have perfect attendance, Gregg Gardiner and Steven Lafferty. But all time record for perfect attendance goes to, Glyndon “Sign” Smith. He was a member of the Eureka Rotary Club for 69 years and never missed a weekly meeting! He is the king of perfect attendance.

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