Sep 232014

Rotary International is perhaps the most territorial organization in the world. It exists in 159 countries and cuts across dozens of languages, political and social structures, customs, religions and traditions. How is it that all of the more than 34,500 Rotary clubs of the world operate in almost identical style? The primary answer is the Standard Rotary Club Constitution. One of the conditions for receiving a charter to become a Rotary club is to accept the Standard Club Constitution, originally adopted in 1922. The Standard Club Constitution outlines administrative techniques for clubs to follow in holding weekly meetings, procedures for membership and classifications, conditions of attendance and payment of dues, and other policies relating to public issues and political positions. This constitutional document provides the framework for all Rotary clubs in the world. The Standard Club Constitution has to be considered one of the great strengths of Rotary to enable the organization to operate in so many thousands of communities. You can read the Rotary Constitution at our club’s website

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