Sep 232014

One of the interesting bylaws of Rotary International provides that “no Rotarian shall campaign, canvass or electioneer for elective position in Rotary International.” This provision includes the office of district governor, Rotary International director, RI president and various elected committees. The Rotary policy prohibits the circulation of brochures, literature or letters by a candidate or by anyone on behalf of such a candidate.

After a Rotarian has indicated an intention to be a candidate for one of the elective Rotary offices, he or she must refrain from speaking engagements, appearances or publicity that could reasonably be construed as furthering his or her candidacy. The only information that may be sent to clubs relating to candidates for an elective position is that officially distributed by the general secretary of RI. A Rotarian who becomes a candidate for an elective position, such as district governor or RI director, must avoid any action that would be interpreted as giving him or her an unfair advantage over other candidates. In Rotary it is believed that a Rotarian’s record of service and qualifications for office stand on their own and do not require publicity or special promotion.

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