Sep 232014

rotary zonesZone Level
Rotary is divided into 34 zones throughout the world. Approximately 15 Rotary districts form a zone. A zone director, who serves as a member of the RI Board of Directors, heads two zones. The zone director is nominated by the clubs in the zone and elected by the convention for the terms of two consecutive years. The Eureka Rotary Club is located in Zone 25.

Rotary District 5130
The 537 Rotary districts are headed up by the district governor. Our District number 5130 has 47 clubs and 2,500 members.
The district is responsible for putting together the district conference and the district assembly. The district is made up of several committees that help the district governor organize and lead the Rotarians who fall in their individual districts. Part of their responsibilities include dealing with Rotary International and any problems that might come up with an individual club. Additionally, the Foundation Committee manages and distributes the district grants. District is also responsible for training; they organize instruction in new membership and in membership retention, and also conduct leadership training. Furthermore, they are the liaison between the Rotary clubs, Rotary members and Rotary International.

Local Rotary Club, 378
Local Rotary Club is where the rubber meets the road, with our weekly meetings filled with interesting speakers, community service projects, vocational items of interest, fellowship, youth services and of course the Rotary foundation. There are currently over 34,500 Rotary clubs in the world in over 200 countries. The Rotary Club of Eureka, just happens to be the best one.

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