Sep 232014

The Rotary Club of Eureka Red Badge Program is designed to encourage new members to learn about the functions of Rotary International, Rotary District 5130, and our own Club. This will help you meet other members and help them to get to know you to build stronger friendships, and help all of us to achieve Service Above Self.

You need to complete a minimum of eight of the following tasks within three months:

  1. Greet members prior to meetings for two weeks.
  2. Announce guests and visiting Rotarians.
  3. Give Invocation at one of the regular meetings.
  4. Give a vocational or craft talk.
  5. Review the club’s website
  6. Visit two Rotarians at their place of business.
  7. Attend a Rotary function other than a regular meeting.
  8. Attend a District function.
  9. Make-up at another Rotary Club.
  10. Be a Sgt of Arms at two meetings.
  11. Attend an Aurora Rotary Board meeting.
  12. Participate in a Rotary Club of Eureka committee.
  13. Donate $100 to Rotary International Foundation.

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