Sep 232014
  1. rotary service above self“Club Service” involves focusing on strengthening fellowship and ensuring the smooth functioning of Rotary clubs. Learn about effective club service in Membership and Training.
  2. “Vocational Service” involves club members serving others through their professions and aspiring to high ethical standards. Rotarians, as business leaders, share skills and expertise through their vocations, and they inspire others in the process.
  3. “Community Service” is the opportunity Rotary clubs have to implement club projects and activities that improve life in the local community.
  4. “International Service” encompasses efforts to expand Rotary’s humanitarian reach around the world and to promote world understanding and peace. It includes everything from contributing to PolioPlus to helping Rotary Youth Exchange students adjust to their host countries.
  5. “Youth Committee” is the Avenue that recognizes the positive change implemented by youth and young adults involved in leadership development activities, community and international service projects, and exchange programs that enrich and foster world peace and cultural understanding.

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